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The Needlepuller

The Needlepuller is an ergonomical quilting tool. It's designed to prevent tired and painful fingers when making patchwork quilts and blankets.

It takes the stress off of those fingers you normally use to grab the needle.

How does it work?

1 - Hold the Needlepuller

Fit the ring section of the Needlepuller on the index finger of the hand with which you quilt. The pushbutton is pointed towards the thumb.

2 - Put on some stitches

Carry on stitching as you normally do. The yellow Needlepuller rests nicely in your hand. 

3 - Insert the tip of the needle

When you have some stitches on the needle, slide the eye of the Needlepuller over the needle so that the needle sticks through.

4 - Now push, and pull the needle

Push and hold down the button with your thumb, pull the needle through the fabric and release the push-button.

That is all!

That is all there is to it, it is not hard to learn how to use this great tool.

Note that whilst you are quilting, you can leave the Needlepuller on your finger. Happy quilting! © 2016 |